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Why Partners Cheat
by 12thofnever in Relationships, February 27, 2010
Some tips to avoid partners to cheat on you.

Infidelity is one of the biggest problem that married couple are experiencing. It is the fastest way to destroy a family. Now, why do they cheat? Is it possible to avoid disloyalty in a relationship? These are just some of the questions that pop out in our mind almost always. Before we can prevent this to happen we have to know the reasons why cheating happens.
Having an affair with someone is a result of an unhealthy relationship. It does not happen instantly and without reasons.A partner is never satisfied when something seems to be lacking in the relationship.Some factors that contribute to this kind of problem are inadequacy of intimacy, lack of respect and communication.
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Now we would ask how we could possibly prevent infidelity to happen. ... Read more »

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Before making a blog on fashion and style I wanted to send a message
for every girl who always wanted to be skinny. 50% of teenage girls
think they are fat and will do everything just to lose weight and
oftentimes will result to anorexia nervosa or an intense fear of gaining
weight even though underweight.One of the causes of this condition is
distorted self image & cognitive bias or the perception of the
affected individual is used as a defense mechanism.

Do we allow ourselves to experience this deadly eating disorder?do we
really have to conform to social pressure to be thin? Do we really have
to listen to other people say about us? Do we really have to be
affected on what our boyfriend tells  us?

Anorexia is DEADLY which has a lot of adverse effects. One of those
effects is having a poor cognitive flexibility. We don’t want to be
labeled us moron, idiot or imbecile!

Friends may s ... Read more »

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I admit I lose weight very fast through taking diet pills, but I don't recommend it. I experienced a lot of side effects like irritability, palpitation and shortness of breath. Here are some easy steps in losing weight in a healthy way. Always remember it is always better to be fat alive than thin dead....

1. Keep a balanced diet. Eat the right amount of food like vegetables, fruits and a right amount of carbo for you. Boys and girls have different need on how much calorie intake in a day they should have.

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By 12thofnever on May 18th, 2009

A lot of people have been a victim of AIDS it pays to know its causes and how to prevent it. Please read...

One of the publicized retroviruses is one that is present in AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Three years after the first case of AIDS were reported on 1981 studies showed that its cause was due to a human retrovirus called HIV or human immunodeficiency virus. T4 is the host cell for HIV responsible for regulating the immune systems processes. HIV kills enough t4 cells thus making the victims susceptible from microorganisms mostly opportunistic that cause infections which are not dangerous to healthy individuals.

AIDS virus affects brain and spinal cord making it very dangerous. People who have HIV can develop cancers such as Kaposi’s sarcoma- skin tumors that cause internal bleeding and death, these tumors spread to internal organs. Cancers
in the mucous membranes and the skin; and may develop tumors in ... Read more »

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Pissed Off
12thofnever on May 13, 2009 (

I always love a wrong guy and they have treated me badly. I wrote this when I was pissed with my ex boyfriend #5.

ten in the evening, i couldn’t sleep for the noise in the diner…screams,tuneless songs, and the shriek of the teenage freaks, makes me feel i’m right down on the street instead of on the 3rd floor of the best dormitory in town. the sooty vapor somewhere reminds me that i haven’t eaten for the whole day. i’ve never been upset in my whole life. my comforter, I entangled my legs and I kicked them off. I’ve been flipping in my small bed for three hours. I went out from my room’s door which led onto the veranda. i looked at the people passing by the street… there were boys and girls together, old men and women, children walking. different vehicles too. i sat down on the chair looking at the stars until i thought to call my boyfriend. the irritating parrot like voice of the ope ... Read more »

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I Don’t Know How to Write
12thofnever on May 15, 2009 (

I always wanted to be a writer even I don’t know how to write!

I have my pen and my paper and I can’t even start. All I have to do is to write about global warming. My head is empty my heart too. How can I express my thought when I’m not even thinking? I started to write on the piece of paper in front of me, but it was not right I crumpled it and throw it away. 1 dozen of paper wasted, a lot of time misused.

With a heavy heart I went out from my bedroom I left my pen and my paper on the table and had a smoke. I imagine myself as a good writer; I always wanted to be a famous writer. I am very envious with people who could write well like Sidney Sheldon or Mark Twain. How did they do it? Why could they write so passionately and very wonderful? Do I have to earn a degree for creative writing to write a 120 letter essay? I have asked the entire why, how and ... Read more »

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A haiku.

fart to me my love
smell might be spoiled or rotten
I will hug you still

*I originally wrote this on May 19, 2009 - This was published at I also wrote for them before.

here's the link[size=9]

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