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Before making a blog on fashion and style I wanted to send a message
for every girl who always wanted to be skinny. 50% of teenage girls
think they are fat and will do everything just to lose weight and
oftentimes will result to anorexia nervosa or an intense fear of gaining
weight even though underweight.One of the causes of this condition is
distorted self image & cognitive bias or the perception of the
affected individual is used as a defense mechanism.

Do we allow ourselves to experience this deadly eating disorder?do we
really have to conform to social pressure to be thin? Do we really have
to listen to other people say about us? Do we really have to be
affected on what our boyfriend tells  us?

Anorexia is DEADLY which has a lot of adverse effects. One of those
effects is having a poor cognitive flexibility. We don’t want to be
labeled us moron, idiot or imbecile!

Friends may say were fat because they want to pick on us.That is why
if we have nothing good to say it’s better to shut up!

Boyfriends may tell us to go on diet, and of course we follow to
please them!
I tell you no matter what you do there is 99.9% that
they will cheat on us.
If your boyfriend cannot accept you for who
you are and what you wanted to be, then go ahead find another 1- there’s
a lot of sharks in the ocean!

Now think again……..

In the end what matters most is how you value and what you think
about yourself.

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