Saturday, 2020-04-04, 3:21 AM
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Kandy Warhol was my classmate in Philosophy subject, he is a darling and smart! I need to cover his eyes for privacy purposes. Check it how Kandy rock and teach you how to become a real fashionista!

You don't need to hire a stylist.All you have to have are the basic, like  jeans, suit jackets, and a shirt. Mix and match and you'll be fine!

If you wanna be fashionable be different, know your style  where you can be very comfortable! And ask yourself what do I want to be perceived?

Black and white is always perfect combination if you can't think of anything to wear.

If you have long legs like Kandy skinny or tight jeans will look good on you!
This vest is just hot...

Pairing shoes to your outfit can be so tricky, but wait you can always
experiment! Kandy looks stunning in his red shoes!

Always remember your style should be unique wherever you go and whatever you do. Knowing what's best for you is the right way to be a real fashionista!

And of course you can never be a
fashionista without the confidence! Stand straight and walk tall, if you
believe in yourself and you believe on what you wear then you will be
the best fashionista ever!

Kandy Warhol

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