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18. william   (2011-10-02 11:00 AM)
hi pretty,

very nice page! happy

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17. landon   (2010-04-14 8:44 AM)
nice page!

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16. shine   (2010-04-08 10:37 AM)
hi from a friend of friend .. in facebook.. ur fashion caught me so i view ur site.. hehehe from wat ateneo skul are u from?hehhehe

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15. kiti   (2010-04-03 12:26 PM)
lovely page biggrin

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14. TRISHA   (2010-04-02 2:56 PM)
i like you site.very artistic and you always update it. biggrin

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13. shine   (2010-03-24 9:31 AM)
hi i like ur site.. its informative.. and interesting.. hmm ur from ataneo de cagayan or manila? im just curious ksi bcz u know how to speak bisaya.. i hav many friends in ateneo de cagayan ksi.. tongue
Answer: hi shine.. thanks for visiting my site.. how'd u get here? just curios. smile

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12. doctorlove   (2010-03-01 11:56 PM)
hey your site is lovely as u are.. keep up the good work! biggrin

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11. julianusginting   (2010-02-20 1:23 PM) E-mail
hei..hei..hei.,,interesting...see my blog and add link babe... tongue wink
Answer: yeah ive visited ur site. its nice! ill visit there again later. thanks for dropping by.

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10. FENDI   (2010-02-10 1:51 PM) E-mail
A good start!
Bring it on gurl!


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9. keren   (2010-02-07 8:43 AM) E-mail

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8. sharrie   (2010-02-06 12:09 PM)
i visited ur site and it's really kewl! ur models are hotties too.. good luck to ya!
Answer: yeah they are all fabulous. and thanks for visiting.

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7. shugah   (2010-02-03 12:55 PM) E-mail
oh wow this one's new aye? smile
its pretty much cooler. more resources here biggrin
goooluck pretty micay!
Answer: sorry , i just replied been preoccupied the past days. thanks shugah for visiting.. smile

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6. fabulously daeniellah   (2010-02-03 6:27 AM) E-mail
wonderful site mic esp for those who seem to be kinda lost in fashion hehe.. smile and thanks for promoting my site! <3 goodluck mickey.. xoxo.. <3 wink

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5. guest1   (2010-02-03 5:31 AM) E-mail
i mean ur site.. angry

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4. guest1   (2010-02-03 5:31 AM) E-mail
your is very informative, thanks for sharing! biggrin
Answer: u welcome and thank you for visiting here. smile

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