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If your height is
5' 4'' or less, you are considered petite by fashion
standards. However, a lot of smart merchants in cities such as New
York, Miami and Los Angeles have standard sizes for women
5' 5'' or so, instead of the longer pants in
department stores.

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fashion is a problem, because there are many types of
petites. There are women with long torsos and shorter
legs, and most
women fall into this category. There is also the
opposite: long legs and short torso. In a petite body, everything is
proportionately petite. A petite also has shorter arms and different
proportions on the torso. All these consideration and others make it
very difficult for manufactures to have the perfect petite size. So you
have to shop around to discover the best brands for you; it is not only
a matter of sizes in the petite department.

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Photo of an east European model wearing a white blouse with black capri pants as she shows a perfect set of clothes for petite womanSkinny
or chubby

In my
experience as a petite, both sometimes chubby and sometimes thin, to
petite size clothing that really fit is not easy. The
problem is easy to understand: petite is a size for women from
5' 4'' and under, therefore, one size does not fit
all. What fits a
4' 5'' woman does not fit a 5’ 4’’ woman. My first
piece of advice: Be ready to make adjustments.

Petite fashion or regular sizes

, the creator of the cosmetic line that bears
her name and a person used to smooching with celebrities as a
artist, it is better on many occasions to buy clothes in the regular
sizes and make adjustments than buying the petite styles. Here is when
the shape of your body matters:

Long torso, regular sizes

If your
torso is long, chances are the regular sizes are the best choice for
you although the clothes will be too long. The length of an item of
clothing is always the easier part to fix. Length of sleeves or others
are more complex.

Some brands, such as
Lauren, are designed for tall people. The same
applies to
Republic, among others. Avoid these brands if
you are a petite. Ironically, the latest petite collection of Banana
Republic is great for most petites, but they are designed for people
about 5’
1’’ and
below; so if you are any taller than this, the
pants will be short, but in general the cut is great.

If your legs are longer
than your torso, in most cases, the petite sizes are better for you,
because the regular sizes will not fit your body well. If you tend to
put the weight in the lower part of your body, the regular sizes may fit
you better if you adjust the length.

you are a

Vida Guerra
, as a general rule, you want to
elongate your body with the clothes style andPhoto of a petite Asian woman wearing a black mini skirt with thigh-high boots
minimize volume. In order to do this, there are many tricks and the
following is a short and effective list:

  • Elongate by not cutting
    your body using pieces of clothes such as jackets and belts in the wrong
    proportions. Large belts, if used on top of pants or
    blouses of a
    very different color, are not your best choice because it cuts your body
    into two parts.
  • Avoid extra fabric
    around your waist
    ; you do not need to add volume in this area.

  • Very
    long skirts
    make your legs look short and therefore you look
  • The pants, as Trinny and
    Susannah from “What not
    to wear” BBC edition keep repeating, should cover your shoes;
    this adds extra inches to your legs.
  • You can mix colors, but
    remember monochromatic looks make you look taller.
  • Thick fabric usually adds
    extra weight.
  • Vertical lines elongate your body. You do not
    have to look like a zebra, for example. The jeans that have a vertical
    line in the seams create the illusion of a taller person. Just one or
    two lines create this illusion; you do not need to use a textile with
    multiple vertical lines.
  • To hide pounds, remember your clothes have to
    fit properly. Oversize T-shirts do not hide pounds; on the other hand,
    they make people look like a
    tamale, without any shape.
  • Too tight, too bad. Too tight clothes are
    risky. If the clothes are properly fitted, you will be able to show the
    best of your
    . If you want to show some extra
    skin go for the
    décolleté and
    accessorize to call
    attention. Avoid using clothes that make your
    tummy come out
    as a love handle; it just will call attention to the wrong parts.
  • Many of the “fashion experts” think that
    on petite women do not look good. Our recommendation is:
    this is true only if someone is really short and uses
    stilettos. The taller petites have no
    problem with this. To say the truth, this is a new media creation in
    US. Petite women in most countries,
    including those in Latin America, Italy and Spain are the ones that
    people expect to use heels. Tall people do not need heels, especially
    the extraordinarily tall (6’ or near)
    models. So if
    you like heels, go ahead.

best advice to add inches and lose pounds is to
stand up
tall and straight
walk with
confidence and
. It is a matter of
, baby.


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