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Fashion is the reflection on how a society thinks.It is always changing , very dynamic and addictive. It has a power to transform a person to an icon and make a statement in the society. It is "what's in"  in the current mode such as the latest jeans style. It could also be a characteristic of an elite individual on what he wants to portrait. We have different perspective on fashion to some it is nothing, to others it is a way of life!  We can express our hatred, love or true feelings through what we wear. But for some they use fashion to hide imperfections by using accessories. In fashion self expression is one of the basic manifestation. We can be goth like, girly or tomboy like or we can also be the next Avril Lavigne. It doesn't really matter what style we want to choose for there is no wrong and right in fashion! As long you are confident on what you wear and about yourself then nothing can't go wrong. Yes, you are right it's the attitude that matters in the fashion world, because if you don't have it you will never be called a fashionista.

Here we will talk about anything .You guys can also give me suggestions and I will really appreciate it! I am not perfect so tell me my mistakes in a nice way, lol. There is a contact us link in this website so feel free to message me okay?! And yeah , I wanna say thank you in advance for helping me.I always believe no man is an island so I really need your help to be better... 

Feel free to send your suggestions for the betterment of my site and that would be highly appreciated. DO NOT clutter inappropriate comments on my entries, like swearing , saying hateful words because I will  put your IP address to the block list.This is the reason why there is a contact us link on the module where you can swear to me how many times you like.Just for information to those who do not know that your IP is unique as you, so be careful because [b]you don't want to be traced don't you? Let us observe decency in everything we do because what goes around comes around! And most importantly enjoy your stay here... xoxo


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