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Pissed Off
Pissed Off
12thofnever on May 13, 2009 (http://authspot.com/thoughts/pissed-off/)

I always love a wrong guy and they have treated me badly. I wrote this when I was pissed with my ex boyfriend #5.

ten in the evening, i couldn’t sleep for the noise in the diner…screams,tuneless songs, and the shriek of the teenage freaks, makes me feel i’m right down on the street instead of on the 3rd floor of the best dormitory in town. the sooty vapor somewhere reminds me that i haven’t eaten for the whole day. i’ve never been upset in my whole life. my comforter, I entangled my legs and I kicked them off. I’ve been flipping in my small bed for three hours. I went out from my room’s door which led onto the veranda. i looked at the people passing by the street… there were boys and girls together, old men and women, children walking. different vehicles too. i sat down on the chair looking at the stars until i thought to call my boyfriend. the irritating parrot like voice of the operator saying “sorry the # you are calling is not yet in service or outside the service area.” fuck I’ve been calling him for 3 hours, but the same i’ve been hearing the irrefutable annoying voice. i stood up and went inside my room, i looked at my watch and it was one oc’ clock in the morning my roommates were fast asleep, instantaneous silenced faced me. i went to the fridge to get some water i swallowed the pill and put the glass down on the edge of the table. i stood still for a while hoping that anger would ebb me and let me sleep, but it was not possible. while i was lying i looked at the ceiling with my stars pasted there and thinking what was my beau doing for the past hours. ache fill my heart and i closed my eyes. pink and lavender colored orchids filled my sight ,and i poke into the edge of dream.

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