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I Don’t Know How to Write
I Don’t Know How to Write
12thofnever on May 15, 2009 (http://authspot.com/journals/i-dont-know-how-to-write/)

I always wanted to be a writer even I don’t know how to write!

I have my pen and my paper and I can’t even start. All I have to do is to write about global warming. My head is empty my heart too. How can I express my thought when I’m not even thinking? I started to write on the piece of paper in front of me, but it was not right I crumpled it and throw it away. 1 dozen of paper wasted, a lot of time misused.

With a heavy heart I went out from my bedroom I left my pen and my paper on the table and had a smoke. I imagine myself as a good writer; I always wanted to be a famous writer. I am very envious with people who could write well like Sidney Sheldon or Mark Twain. How did they do it? Why could they write so passionately and very wonderful? Do I have to earn a degree for creative writing to write a 120 letter essay? I have asked the entire why, how and what questions when I realized that I have finished my 1 stick of Marlboro red. I went back inside my bedroom and grab my pen and paper; I started to write the word global warming but stopped right there. I can’t even continue what’s next. I lied down with my pen and paper on my chest; I looked at the ceiling. I started hating myself because I can’t speak or write English well. I can’t express myself through writing; I don’t know what’s the right punctuation or grammar to use. I hate myself to be dumb, I must be moron; I keep on thinking.

I heard a little voice saying “you practice and don’t give up”. I suddenly pull myself from bed and realized I was dreaming. I went back to my table and begun writing. Global warming the earth’s biggest problem I begun, I finished a 2 page essay and can’t believe it. I submitted my paper the next day to my instructor and I got an A+ grade. She liked my work! Yes I can write, and it’ always true that practice makes perfect.

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