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Maxine Monasterio on Smart Fashionista
Maxine was Miss Teen Philippines International 2007, a B.S psychology
student, one of my few real friends who has the beauty and the brain.
She has proven that a person can be beautiful, humble, friendly,
fashionable and a consistent honor student too at the same time! She is a
full time student in Ateneo but manages to be a full scholar while she
work as a host at abs-cbn regionX.

These are some of her pictures:


This dress is perfect for summer, very comfortable and very cool to the eyes, adding some accessories will truly show the Fashionista in you.

Then you can try to have your own mini photo-shoot with nature like maxine's :)

For a glamorous clean look wear something yellow and try to curl the tip of your hair to make you more seductive ...*woooot*

Pastel color will always give you a girly pretty look, it is good in every occasion.

Oh it's February ,did you say your going to the prom? This gown is just a perfect idea...

Or this?!

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she's very pretty!

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