Monday, 2020-01-20, 8:29 AM
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Welcome to my fashion world. my name is Michelle some call me micmic, others call me Mitch.

I always wish I don't need 2 sleep 4 me 2 survive d adversity we called LIFE! I feel I'm missing a lot of opportunity 2 do important things because.I need 2 rest. I sometimes 4gt I'm only human,I need 2 eat;breath;&go 2 bed 4 at least 8hrs.I couldn't blame myself 4 just slipping 2-4 hrs/day because 24 hrs rotation is just not enough!I always wanted 2 b superwoman,but just like science research I have limitations 2!

 Lemme continue...

I'm a B.S psychology student in 1 of the Jesuit schools here in the Philippines, they call it ATENEO.. yeah I'm a true blooded atenista, a man and woman 4 others..  I'm an online English tutor to some random Japanese who loves me.. my slot is always full everyday.They must like my recording!
Now lemme describe my sense of style.. I'm the girly type, preppy, do some layering sometimes.Or if I'm in the mood I'm gonna wear boots, but most of the time you'll see me wearing pumps, I never use flats because I don't know how to walk.I'm not a conformist type of person so my sense of fashion is kinda deviant and out of this world.. i always believe its how u carry yourself and not how much your clothes cost, or it follow the recent style! I did not really label myself as fashionista its the people surrounding me that's why I learned to live w/ it!


  1 item I couldn't live without is my TWEEZERS!

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